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New V:TR --homebrew New Castle

So, I am currently working on developing a new Vampire:The Requiem (gahd, how I hate that title...) game for my 'standard' gaming group.  We generally play about once a week, rotating GM duties.  Other games pop up here and there at various times, and these "other" games tend to work pretty well.  It's the default, weekly games that we've had problems with lately.  Not sure what it is, but it feels like we've just been going through the motions of the game, instead of actually getting down and dirty in them.  I've always thought that it was the obligation element of the game--we play every Thursday, no matter what; the game is secondary to the schedule.  Like, not, I'm starting a game and it will be on Thursday nights, but, "who's going to run for the Thursday night game?"  On the other hand, it could just be that we have had some really bad games on Thursdays, and that's why no one really cared.

Anyway, in my pride and arrogance, I've decided that I can make the Thursday night game "work."  So, here am I, trying to work a game out.

First things first, this will be a stripped down setting.  None of the official covenants will be in my city (though my own inspired-by versions will be).  The clans are gone.  I want to focus on bloodlines and family and what not, so all the PC's will be of the same brood.  I will need to tweak the rules a tad to make this work, but I think it fits betters than clans do.  I'm going to call the city New Castle, mainly because I'm stealing a lot from the real world city of Wilmington, DE, though I will be enlarging it and twisting it to suit my own purposes.  I won't tell the players what state it's in, just "an East Coast" city--sort of like Gotham in Batman--it's not really on a map or anything.  Also, I am heavily influenced by Ray Winninger's excellent "Dungeoncraft" articles from the old Dragon Magazine from many years ago.  So, I will be striving to follow his rules as much as possible.

The first two being

Rule #1 Never force yourself to create more than you must

Rule #2 Whenever you design a major piece of the campaign world, always devise at least one secret related to that piece.

So, that's where I stand.  Here's where I am so far:

Basic Idea for the City—large industrial wasteland.  Dozens of subdivided territories, each squabbling with each other.  Vampires are organized not by clans, but by families, bloodlines, broods, and coteries.  There are a number of covenants, but none of them dominate, nor are they all the “standard” ones.  Many of the major bloodlines refer to themselves as clans or families, often taking their progenitors name as their own.  Most of the more minor ones take either the possessive name of their progenitor (Michaels’ Brood or James’ Crew) or are named after their territory (8th Street Brood).  The City itself has had a violent history, going through numerous Princes and other rulers over the years. 


Home Base—the players will need to acquire a basic territory in the city.  Something valuable enough to defend, something others will seek to take, but not large or wealthy enough to thrust them into the “high levels” of vampiric politicking.  This home base should provide them with blood (hunting and/or herd), havens (communal or individual), money (legal and illegal), access to lower level city bureaucrats and politicians.  Also, something unique and distinctive that makes this area memorable and different from other areas of the city.

Places I want in the city--this list will, undoubtably grow 

Fountain Square—Symbolic center of the city.  Surround by a number of hotels and high end shopping, it is used for lunch-breaks, rallies, and other gatherings.  The “heart” of downtown.—From Cincinnati

Underground Tunnels—In addition to a small subway system (a large part of which is Elevated), there are numerous other tunnels as well.  One is a tunnel system similar to the Cincinnati Tunnel—the initial parts of which were constructed in the early part of this century as a subway that ended up failing due to lack of funds.  The other is a series of freight tunnels similar to Chicago.
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