Seph (iamseph) wrote in vampiretm,

Blood across Florida

Blood across Florida is an Old WoD Vampire: the Masquerade game set in Miami, Florida in the year 2000. It revolves around the Sabbat occupation of this city and the players play young Sabbat vampires that are looking to prove themselves worthy of the title. The game will focus largely on opposing the Camarilla and other many foes of the Sabbat, both in outright combat and spy hunting. Between these major events the Cainites will be able to take part in blood rituals and violent games, preying on the human occupants of the city and terrorising, brutalising and just plain murdering them for fun. More politically-inclined Cainites can spend this time working behind the scenes, building up their influence and establishing a power base or joining the Black Hand and discretely watching for corruption amongst their peers.
Come along and join the Festivo dello Estinto - The Festival of the Dead. This is a yearly celebration of undeath by the Sabbat and highlighted by bonfires, blood baths, dancing with corpses and many other means of jubilation.
The style of the game is brutal and dangerous, player characters will run the risk of destruction on a regular basis but this will only serve to sharpen the taste of victory. I classify this as a Black Dog game in that it contains graphically descriptive depictions of violent acts and the true horrors of the Sabbat, something often missed in many supposed Sabbat games.
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