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Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition

Hi, everyone. Long time no post.

For those who have missed the announcement, late on St. Patrick's Day it came out that White Wolf was going to be publishing a Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition Rulebook. It'll be a deluxe book featuring all the clans, all the bloodlines, and all the signature Disciplines up to level 9 where applicable.

Rules are Revised, with a few tweaks to account for some weaknesses which have become apparent in the 13 years since Revised has come out. If Revised is 3rd Edition, think of this as 3.1.

Setting's being updated to be a little less dated and a little more reflective of the modern nights, with the ubiquity of cellphones and the Internet as a prime example.

Best of all, it's open development. They're in the process of writing it now, and are soliciting input from the fans to make sure it's the best book they can make it.

Discussion is happening at:

More info is at the Information link at the aforementioned VampireTheMasquerade.com. Common questions below:

Is Masquerade making a comeback?

No. This is a single book, created for fans, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of White Wolf's first RPG.

Is V20 laying the groundwork for the upcoming MMO?

No. This book is coming out in September. The MMO doesn't have a release date. If the two were tied, they'd be released very close together. While the MMO is "based on" VTM, they've made it plain that they're going to steal ideas from other games (like Requiem) if they feel it's appropriate. The MMO will probably be its own weird hybrid of the two.

When is V20 coming out?

The only thing we know for sure is that it'll be available as a physical book at this year's Grand Masquerade in New Orleans, in September. It's still early enough in the process that they haven't yet spoken to their sales people to work anything else out, aside from mentioning that it will be available to people outside of TGM. The sales crew has been at EVE Fanfest, which was over yesterday; they'll probably be having a relevant meeting this week and making announcements shortly.

Will we be seeing other 20th Anniversary products?

The only thing announced thus far on this topic was "it's too early to think about that; let us finish this one first."

In the end it will likely depend on sales of V20, and perceived future sales of other 20th anniversary products. I see Werewolf and Mage as being likely; Wraith, Changeling, and other games much less so. Although it'd be nice to finally have Revised rules for Wraith and Changeling, the numbers probably aren't there to make development worthwhile.
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