M. (la_cry_mo_sa) wrote in vampiretm,

Short story ideas

in a few weeks I'm going to host a session with a few friends who are quite unfamiliar with Vampire. Neither of us have ever tried roleplaying, so we are only going to hold one session, at least for now.

So, I've read the core rule book of the 3rd edition and the storyteller's handbook, but I'm having a hard time thinking of stories that are neither too long nor too complicated for people unfamiliar with Vampire. I thought something about thin-bloods/caitiff might not be a bad idea because it would make everything a bit less confusing by excluding the clans. Other than that I'm a bit at a loss to be honest.
I thought perhaps you could help me out. Do you have advice regarding this or perhaps an inspiration? How did your first session of Vampire go? I'm a bit nervous to be honest.
Thanks in advance.
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