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me again.
Thanks for your comments, and sorry for the late post. For some reason I can never get social stuff done even if it's just answering your comments or posting about how it went. Not trying to offend because I know it's rude, it's a general problem of mine. I'm sorry about that.
Anyway, I'm happy to say that our session went very well. I was afraid that my friends might not really be into role-playing but they enjoyed it. I ended up simplifying rules and disciplines because I own the .pdf-version of the books (V:TM revised, to answer your question) and didn't print all of them. Also, looking at the computer during a session totally kills everything.
I had my girls being embraced by some rebels (clan Brujah + Toreador) who left them a note explaining that they were vampires, that there was a blood hunt on them and that they did this out of hatred for the Camarilla. The characters didn't know each other prior to that but they woke up beside each other in a parking garage. They got to know each other a bit and naively walked through the night until they were approached by a young 8th generation Brujah by the name of Vivien who first gave them a tongue-lashing for caressly walking around the streets and talking to strangers when they knew there's a blood hunt on them. Turns out, she was a member of the anarchs who knew their sires and went out looking for the characters as soon as she heard what their sires had done; she explained the important things to them, like humanity and generation and stuff, told them a bit about the sects and clans, answered their questions and found out their clans by testing their disciplines (bit of rule tweaking here I think). Also, she told them that the current prince was in fact a Malkavian with a split personality ('be thankful you were not sired by one of them. Or by Nosferatu, they're disgusting.') and her other personality was posing as a relative of hers; said relevative 'discussed' the blood hunt with the prince in exchange for some favours (one of them involved the characters wandering around in a haunted mansion - one of my friends told me she can never look at chandeliers the same way. Probably because one of the wraiths was constantly trying to kill them with falling lustres) and got it called off by additionally averting the prince's murder suicide (she was angry and depressed because of her 'lack of power' and constant quarrels with her 'relative').
The story was actually designed to end there, but my friends still did have some spare time and wanted to continue ... so, they now won the prince's favour and one of the characters got permission to embrace her boyfriend (who was all like 'vampires? okay, okay, you're obviously high'). Also, the prince asked them to assasinate two influential anarchs by the end of the night or they'd have another blood hunt called on them. They were able to convince one of them to leave town and assasinated the other. That part went fine but I wasn't prepared ('the character's not stuttering, the GM's stuttering') and everything wasn't really thought-out. Actually everything was a more complicated than I described, they also had some deals going on that I can't even remember anymore. One time I got everything confused and was all like 'wait, wait, wait, forget what I said the last fifteen minutes' >.> My friends said they really enjoyed the first part but next time I'd better prepare for situations like that.
I'm planning to host another session at the end of January - this time with, you know, proper rules and stuff. It'll probably be a Sabbat chronicle; I have a thing for violent and involuntary embraces. Also, the Sabbat are pretty fascinating. The others don't know about this yet but I'm positive they wouldn't mind another session or two :)
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