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Artists Needed for Vampire: The Masquerade Fics [17 Sep 2012|09:29pm]


Artists are needed at the vampirebigbang!

We have two Vampire: The Masquerade stories that need an artist!

Click on the banner to go to the claims post

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Storyteller rant [26 Jul 2012|02:58am]


So, I'm currently trying to run this Vampire game set in present-day Vienna. I don't have Wien bei Nacht (the licensed German sourcebook by Feder & Schwert about Vienna) so I have very little information about the setting. It's a bit weird; Vienna is actually quite important, but it's usually only mentioned in the books. I have a Mexican Samedi prince named Tenoch de la grandeza who is actually only about 250 years old but poses as a 600 year old Nosferatu, though he doesn't deny that he's Mexican (pointless anyway because of his accent). He came to Vienna after World War I to learn Thaumaturgy because Pochtli, who taught him Dominate in exchange for a great deal of Necromancy (which Tenoch, along with Thanatosis, learned from his sire Jorge de la muerte who he later killed because Tenoch was a mage in life and hated being Kindred. Of course it was very profitable for Pochtli, but Tenoch was young and naïve) in Mexico City, refused to teach him. Because he single-handedly killed a Sabbat pack that killed the former sheriff Tenoch was made sheriff instead. He acquired princedom by dominating the rather naïve prince Leopold into trying to force the Tremere to give thaumaturgic tomes to him. Leopold was obliterated for that and no one made the connection, so Tenoch became prince. His sheriff is a German Toreador named Julia von Sacher-Masoch who used to live in London during the Victorian Era. She spend some time in Bedlam because she suffered from severe depression and frequent nervous breakdowns; her parents fled to London because of the revolution in 1848, became Kindred shortly thereafter and disguised their feeding as incest. She felt guilty for enjoy the alleged incest. Her mother accidently embraced her when she was 14. She went to Bedlam where she became a Sabbat member and learned some Thaumaturgy (which Tenoch does not know). She later left Bedlam and the Sabbat and fled to Vienna because of her former Sabbat membership. She became a harpy, but the Sabbat eventually found out about her which is why they are attacking Vienna (VAV said the Sabbat has no real place in Austria). She was the one who actually witnessed Tenoch destroying the Sabbat pack and brought it to the prince's attention. She taught Tenoch German and Tenoch taught her Spanish. Because Tenoch despite his young age already depends on Kindred blood he regularly drinks from Julia – and only from her; he hides his dependence from everyone else – and is thus blood-bound to her. He knows that and regularly lets her drink from his blood as well, though she doesn't really need it except for the blood bound; however, unbeknownst to him she is immune to the blood oath. Because of her thaumaturgic knowledge she also knows about his real clan membership and thus has some sense of how he old he can be. He doesn't know any of this and Julia also didn't tell anyone.
I also got this paranoid Filipino Malkavian primogen named Reynante who is very paranoid and doesn't communicate much with other Malkavians because he is in fact a Kuei-jin. He wants to pave the way for the arrival of more Cathayans because of the amazing dragon nests the Tremere claim (according to the KotE companion). Read more...Collapse )
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[28 Dec 2011|05:10am]

me again.
Thanks for your comments, and sorry for the late post. For some reason I can never get social stuff done even if it's just answering your comments or posting about how it went. Not trying to offend because I know it's rude, it's a general problem of mine. I'm sorry about that.
Anyway, I'm happy to say that our session went very well. I was afraid that my friends might not really be into role-playing but they enjoyed it. I ended up simplifying rules and disciplines because I own the .pdf-version of the books (V:TM revised, to answer your question) and didn't print all of them. Also, looking at the computer during a session totally kills everything.
I had my girls being embraced by some rebels (clan Brujah + Toreador) who left them a note explaining that they were vampires, that there was a blood hunt on them and that they did this out of hatred for the Camarilla. The characters didn't know each other prior to that but they woke up beside each other in a parking garage. They got to know each other a bit and naively walked through the night until they were approached by a young 8th generation Brujah by the name of Vivien who first gave them a tongue-lashing for caressly walking around the streets and talking to strangers when they knew there's a blood hunt on them. Turns out, she was a member of the anarchs who knew their sires and went out looking for the characters as soon as she heard what their sires had done; she explained the important things to them, like humanity and generation and stuff, told them a bit about the sects and clans, answered their questions and found out their clans by testing their disciplines (bit of rule tweaking here I think). Also, she told them that the current prince was in fact a Malkavian with a split personality ('be thankful you were not sired by one of them. Or by Nosferatu, they're disgusting.') and her other personality was posing as a relative of hers; said relevative 'discussed' the blood hunt with the prince in exchange for some favours (one of them involved the characters wandering around in a haunted mansion - one of my friends told me she can never look at chandeliers the same way. Probably because one of the wraiths was constantly trying to kill them with falling lustres) and got it called off by additionally averting the prince's murder suicide (she was angry and depressed because of her 'lack of power' and constant quarrels with her 'relative').
The story was actually designed to end there, but my friends still did have some spare time and wanted to continue ... so, they now won the prince's favour and one of the characters got permission to embrace her boyfriend (who was all like 'vampires? okay, okay, you're obviously high'). Also, the prince asked them to assasinate two influential anarchs by the end of the night or they'd have another blood hunt called on them. They were able to convince one of them to leave town and assasinated the other. That part went fine but I wasn't prepared ('the character's not stuttering, the GM's stuttering') and everything wasn't really thought-out. Actually everything was a more complicated than I described, they also had some deals going on that I can't even remember anymore. One time I got everything confused and was all like 'wait, wait, wait, forget what I said the last fifteen minutes' >.> My friends said they really enjoyed the first part but next time I'd better prepare for situations like that.
I'm planning to host another session at the end of January - this time with, you know, proper rules and stuff. It'll probably be a Sabbat chronicle; I have a thing for violent and involuntary embraces. Also, the Sabbat are pretty fascinating. The others don't know about this yet but I'm positive they wouldn't mind another session or two :)
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Short story ideas [23 Oct 2011|11:45pm]

in a few weeks I'm going to host a session with a few friends who are quite unfamiliar with Vampire. Neither of us have ever tried roleplaying, so we are only going to hold one session, at least for now.

So, I've read the core rule book of the 3rd edition and the storyteller's handbook, but I'm having a hard time thinking of stories that are neither too long nor too complicated for people unfamiliar with Vampire. I thought something about thin-bloods/caitiff might not be a bad idea because it would make everything a bit less confusing by excluding the clans. Other than that I'm a bit at a loss to be honest.
I thought perhaps you could help me out. Do you have advice regarding this or perhaps an inspiration? How did your first session of Vampire go? I'm a bit nervous to be honest.
Thanks in advance.
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Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition [27 Mar 2011|09:32pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hi, everyone. Long time no post.

For those who have missed the announcement, late on St. Patrick's Day it came out that White Wolf was going to be publishing a Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition Rulebook. It'll be a deluxe book featuring all the clans, all the bloodlines, and all the signature Disciplines up to level 9 where applicable.

Rules are Revised, with a few tweaks to account for some weaknesses which have become apparent in the 13 years since Revised has come out. If Revised is 3rd Edition, think of this as 3.1.

Setting's being updated to be a little less dated and a little more reflective of the modern nights, with the ubiquity of cellphones and the Internet as a prime example.

Best of all, it's open development. They're in the process of writing it now, and are soliciting input from the fans to make sure it's the best book they can make it.

Discussion is happening at:

More info is at the Information link at the aforementioned Common questions belowthe cut...Collapse )
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[27 Dec 2010|11:01am]




Welcome to the World of Darkness...

Taken PBs
FAQ & Drop Box
Chicago is at war. Since the Sabbat Invasion in 2002, Chicago has become a contested city. Luc, the newest Prince of Chicago, struggles to retain Camarilla leadership after the mysterious disappearance of the former Prince Lodin, now believed to be dead. The Justicars and Primogens question if the inexperienced Luc can handle the civil unrest of the city and threaten to remove him as Prince. Meanwhile, the Sabbat plan to move in, taking full advantage of this weakening Camarillia regime. Francis, and Archbishop of the Sabbat, questions who to trust in his counsel -- as all are vying for his position once control is gained of Chicago. An influx of Kindred of all clans alike have flooded the city in hopes to regain a strong hold for their respective factions. Allegiances are questioned, treaties are made and broken, and loyalty has become a bargaining chip in the vampire war for Chicago.

Set in real time in modern day (or night, rather!) Chicago, Chicago by Night is a World of Darkness/Vampire: the Masquerade RPG.

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[07 Sep 2010|10:02pm]

I'll be short and sweet. I am looking for the origin of my icon, a friend of mine told me she thought she recognized it from vampire the masquerade. I thought it might be worth a shot, has anyone seen her before?

Before you chastise me for not searching on my own hard enough, believe me when I say I've been at this for weeks, no reverse image look up has rendered any results. If you think you can locate where she came from please tell me how >_>
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Looking for STs [12 Jan 2010|08:44pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Requiem of Dreams is a Digichat-based online RPG site set in Seattle, and we're looking for Storytellers.

We're looking specifically for Storytellers for the following teams: Mortals, Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Mage: The Ascension, and Demon: The Fallen.

  • We also support Hunter: The Reckoning and Changeling: The Dreaming, so while applications will be accepted for those venues as well, our emphasis for now is on those mentioned above.
  • We're also shortly opening the "Second City Project," which is an application-based secondary setting for characters of all stripes who aren't otherwise permitted in the main setting. Sabbat, wraiths, Technocrats, Fera, mummies, Kuei-jin, etc. The SCP will be more player-driven, but that doesn't obviate the need for Storytellers.

Preference will be given to people who have experience in an RPG chat environment, particularly if you've been a Storyteller previously.

PleasSend applications to Succubus with your preferred venue and your chat experience.

(Forgive me for the crosspost. Sent to vampiretm, garou_nation, spysdemise, demonthefallen)
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Vampire Documentary [10 Feb 2009|11:44am]


Hey there,


I hope you don’t mind me posting here. I am a casting associate working on a documentary for MTV’s series True Life. We are currently looking for real vamps and psi vamps who would be interested in participating. Please email me at if you’d be interested in applying or just learning more about the project.




MTV Research/Casting

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For the Best Fangs in Hollywood or Anywhere........Visit Us! [22 Oct 2008|01:59pm]

Hello, I have been making custom fangs for the Hollywood Goth/ Vampyre Communities since 1997. Here are a few of the people I have made fangs for over the years. Hope you like them. Visit my site for more photos. Thank you.

Custom Fangs by TheGrave

The PhotosCollapse )
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Blood across Florida [13 Jun 2008|10:51am]


Blood across Florida is an Old WoD Vampire: the Masquerade game set in Miami, Florida in the year 2000. It revolves around the Sabbat occupation of this city and the players play young Sabbat vampires that are looking to prove themselves worthy of the title. The game will focus largely on opposing the Camarilla and other many foes of the Sabbat, both in outright combat and spy hunting. Between these major events the Cainites will be able to take part in blood rituals and violent games, preying on the human occupants of the city and terrorising, brutalising and just plain murdering them for fun. More politically-inclined Cainites can spend this time working behind the scenes, building up their influence and establishing a power base or joining the Black Hand and discretely watching for corruption amongst their peers.
Come along and join the Festivo dello Estinto - The Festival of the Dead. This is a yearly celebration of undeath by the Sabbat and highlighted by bonfires, blood baths, dancing with corpses and many other means of jubilation.
The style of the game is brutal and dangerous, player characters will run the risk of destruction on a regular basis but this will only serve to sharpen the taste of victory. I classify this as a Black Dog game in that it contains graphically descriptive depictions of violent acts and the true horrors of the Sabbat, something often missed in many supposed Sabbat games.
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Online Old Wod TT Vamp and Mage Game [04 Apr 2008|08:19pm]

There is a great online TT Vampire/Mage/mortal game that is play by post and a bit of online chat (mostly just court) if you are interested. I have had a blast and they are still looking for many more players. Set in a fictional town in Georgia, Sanfield Rock.

If you are bored, surf the net a bit, and are needing a quick fix it might be just right for you
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hello [04 Apr 2008|01:01pm]

Hey, I'm a storyteller who lives in the Saint Cloud, Minnesota gaming community, and wanted to just say Hi. I'm a huge fan of VtM, first gaming system I ever played and currently still my favorite. I sometimes get together with friends and run a few sessions here and there, but because of how busy I've been lately I've been unable to keep anything in stone. I run some games at my local game shop (, so you can always catch me there. Also, If you are a gamer in the Saint Cloud or just Minnesota area, drop me a line maybe we could do a game sometime.
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Cleaning House - WhiteWolf books for sale [11 Dec 2007|11:11am]

I believe that this is allowed here. If not please let me know and I’ll delete it.

I am wilting down my book collection and that means RPG books too. I have a small mountain of White Wolf books, most for VtM, that I am now going to try to sell. If you think you might be interested in any or all of them you can find a list and further details under the cut. I have listed asking prices but if you’d like to make an offer for the entire lot or a group of books I’m willing to entertain those offers as well. All asking prices are price only, shipping cost would need to be determined depending on weight and all that fun stuff at the time of purchase. If you happen to live in my general area (Greater Cincinnati, Ohio) I would be willing to arrange a pick-up to save both of us time and cost.

List of What I have to offerCollapse )
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Massive Freaking Book Sale - The Beginning of the End [02 Dec 2007|07:57pm]

My OWoD books are taking up too much room in my office, so I want to sell the rest of 'em off.

So, to recap:

1) Click here.
2) Pick which books you like.
3) Email me with an offer at blackhatmatt (at) yahoo dotcom.
4) You PayPal me or send me a check/money order/big diamond, I send you books

After New Year's, I'm taking all remaining books to Half-Price and selling them off. As such, I'll take some pretty low offers for books, because at this point it's just about getting rid of them ("free" is not an offer, however).

Any questions, ping me!

x-posted a lot of places, and please spread the word.
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Halloween: Dracula's Ball (10/31/07) [24 Sep 2007|03:01pm]

[ mood | busy ]

This is the official release party for the long-awaited new Carfax Abbey album:
It Screams Disease which is in stores October 23rd.

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Custom Made Fangs by TheGrave [05 Sep 2007|11:11pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Here are some more fangs I made:
Let me know what you think:Please comment!

I currently have a Special Discount until Oct 1, 2007.

Visit for more info.

Custom Fangs by TheGrave

Custom Fangs by TheGrave

Custom Fangs by TheGrave

Custom Fangs by TheGrave

Custom Fangs by TheGrave

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First weekend of Nov...2&3rd...things! [04 Sep 2007|03:09am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey Look!
This November 2 and 3rd
Image hosted by


Photos from last year's Palla Grande
Photos from 2005 Palla Grande

Palla Grande

In Character Invite
Your Formal Invitation

This will be your check-in person IC

KoNY's game info site

Out Of Character info
Palla Grande
Held at the Econo Lodge Conference Center
100 Pond Lily Ave., New Haven, CT

Hotel rooms are cheep, good, and come with an indoor pool and a FREE full breakfast

November 2 and 3rd

Friday Nov 2
4pm to 2:00am

Saturday Nov 3rd
7pm to 12:00am

10.00$ for game
Small goodie bags of CDs , gameing books,candy,pins,goodies and posters will be given at sign-in to all.
For the whole schedule click this link
(Send in those sheets early to speed your way into game)

The Menu is as followes and includes a chocolate fountain and other delectables.

alll you ever wished to know on what you get to do when you come.Collapse )

Join the Sabbat, get a ray gun!

There will be real food: Prizes,Toys,.a belly dancer ,a professional sword swoller ,blockhead
a juggler ,tentatively a fire eater ,Lots of stuff and game....
Thank you
The KONY Staff

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Keep to your own--Homebrew New Castle Game [29 Aug 2007|10:44am]

The city I am envisioning will be chopped and divided up into numerous sub sects, none of which can truly claim dominance or even preeminence in the city as a whole.  As I mentioned previously, the city is, geographically at least, chopped up into dozens of domains and subdomains.  Some of these are massive swaths of territory, others no larger than a handful of blocks.  Each is “officially” controlled by one individual, though often they are the domain of a coterie or a brood.  Those who do not have claim to their own turf tend to serve those that do.  Conflict over territory—both by those seeking to claim their own as well as those seeking to expand what they already have—leaves the city in a state of near permanent chaos.  The Princes primary duty, in addition to keeping the masquerade, is to keep these conflicts to a dull road, lest open warfare once again leaves the city in ruins.

Above these minor fiefs, however, lie other, cross-city groups which can most easily be described as covenants—though this is not a term generally applied within the city.  Less the multinational sects of the base game, these are all far more homegrown and localized “supra-coteries” generally consisting of numerous individuals from across the city, brought together for common interest, common goals, or just to be somewhere and do something other than squabble in alleyways.  The two best ways to envision these covenants, I think, is both politically and socially.


Politically, the city is divided into two general factions, the Traditionalists and the Progressives.  In general, the Traditionalists represent the old guard, and are the dominant force in the city.  While each of the coteries that make up the Traditionalists differs in their views of what is “Tradition” each agrees to two general rules.  What things were, so shall they be, and the Prince is the Lord of All.  In short, there is a “proper” way for a vampire to behave—it includes, but is not limited to, obeying the Prince, protecting the Masquerade, getting permission to embrace, having and respecting territory, respecting ones elders and betters, etc.   The Progressives are far more divided, and tend to have much more contradictory goals.  In general, however, they seek greater freedom for the individual, both politically and spiritually.  They wish to minimize the bonds of territory and blood, to allow greater contact among the damned, and to minimize the power of the elders over the young. 


Again, these are generalizations, not absolutes.

The Traditionalists are, generally, made up of the following groups:

The Blue Bloods—An informal alliance of 3 of the eldest bloodlines in town, they currently control the largest swaths of territory (even if that has been chipped away over the centuries).  While perhaps having the power to put one of their own on the throne of the city, they prefer to work with whoever the current Prince is, rather than taking the title for their own.  When one things of “elder vampires” or “classic traditionalist” (the kind of people who, if they were alive, would use “summer” as a verb) it’s these guys.  Their support for the Prince however, is contingent on the Prince acting in the proper way at all times.  The last court that many a prince has had was marked by their distinct absence, as their withdrawal of support signaled to his enemies that his reign was over.

The Nephilim—To many, a craze brood of fallen Vampires—they believe they see the truth—that Vampires have been rejected by God and chose to serve Satan until Judgment day.  They have their own perverse embracing practices, and advocate a complete separation from all of humanity, except for the hunt.  They rarely, if ever, “socialize” with others, even of their kind.  The sole reason many believe they have survived for so long in the city is the fact that they tend to worship the Prince as the embodiment of Satan himself, the Anti-Christ.  They are willing to fight, kill, and die at his command.  While not the most cunning of operatives, they do provide the Prince with an “army” of foot soldiers.  Their loyalty, however, lasts only so long as the Princes life and authority does—a fallen Prince’s allies can expect no succor from them.  If the withdrawal of the blue bloods support indicates a Prince’s reign is over, the appearance of the Nephilim’s support proves a new Prince’s reign is about to begin.

 The Orthodox—Still working on a name for these, but they began as a heresy of the Sanctum (see below), which embraced the idea of territory and the absolute rule of the Prince relatively recently.    While naturally opposed to the Nephilim in principle, their political and social ties to New Castles power structure have made them allies.  More details as I think them through.

 The Progressives are, generally, made up of the following groups:

The Sanctum (aka Cathari)—a highly mystical and somewhat Gnostic group of Kindred, they reject the trappings of authority and territory in the quest for higher truths.  Many actively seek Golgonda, and withdraw from the world as a whole—at least politically.  Well, not many, only those who are “true believers.”  It is actually a relatively large coterie, with the bulk of it’s membership coming from the younger population, who are left standing around wondering “is this it?”  While there are a handful of popular and influential members, none can truly be called a leader of such a diverse group, unlike the Bishop of the Orthodox and the family leaders of the Blue Bloods and the Nephilim.

Mutualists—made up almost entirely of fringers and other minor Vampires, they agitate for a complete removal of all territorial limits beyond those of ones haven and the freeing of all areas for hunting.  They also seek the removal of the Prince—a position that has failed the city time after time—and his replacement with an elected council.  Needless to say, they are also extremely unpopular for these beliefs.  They do have some credibility, though, having suffered the worst under the previous Prince, and being among the first to support the new.  Their dogged street fighting and survival against the Nephilim onslaught won them a few admirers, and in gratitude the Prince has granted them a small, if poor, territory as well as ignoring the bulk of their poaching.

 The Muses—a highly social and mortally engaged group of vampires, they tend to be highly plugged into the current mortal scene far beyond what most vampires consider to be proper—associating with mortal family, friends, and even lovers.  They earned their sobriquet due to their tendency to socialize at small music clubs and to constantly bicker about who heard about what cool band first.  They are very receptive of new members joining them, and espouse most of the ideas associated with the Mutualists.  Most of the elders believe, however, that it is only a matter of time before they grow up and join the Court.  If the Sanctum is a dangerous ideology and ‘cult’ to the elders, and the Mutualists are a powder keg waiting to explode, then the Muses are nothing more than spoiled children.  However, their ability to pass with ease among the mortal world and contacts throughout the city overriding and ignoring the traditional bonds of territory gives this group a level of power and influence even they are not aware of.

 The Pagans—if possible, even more disorganized than the Sanctum and even less political than the Muses, the Pagans are an extremely loose coalition of vampires eager to further their “occult powers.”  Some few have actually managed to harnass such power, while others are stuck in the “Black Magick” section of their nearest Borders.

 The Spoilers are those groups that don’t fall neatly in the Traditionalists vs. Progressive dichotomy.  Two of the groups are below.

 The Young Turks—A loose coterie that are the childer primarily of the Blue Bloods. They were the young movers and shakers from the best mortal families who had the world before them, then they were embraced by the eldest and most powerful bloodlines in the city.  None are more that 50 years old and most are quite younger.  It took all of them awhile, but after the rush of their vampiric nature began to ebb and the initial excitement of being part of the “real power structure” faded, they realize just what a position they were in.  Embraced for their energy and knowledge of the world, their role is quite simple—to serve.  Unwilling to accept this, they have begun contacting each other and are seeking the best way to “liberate” themselves.  They do not seek equality for all or other such nonsense, they merely wish to assume their “proper” place as the true masters of the city.  That they may have to destroy their bloodlines and throw the city into chaos as part of this hasn’t really bothered them so far.

 The Esoteric Order of the Dragon—probably the biggest mystery in all of the city, only a handful even know they exist.  A secret society within a secret society, they claim no territory and no obvious members.  What they are though, is a collection of those who seek to fully explore their vampiric natures to the absolute extreme, no matter where it takes them.

Whew, need a break.  Will discuss the social elements and general history of New Castle later.
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New V:TR --homebrew New Castle [29 Aug 2007|10:43am]

So, I am currently working on developing a new Vampire:The Requiem (gahd, how I hate that title...) game for my 'standard' gaming group.  We generally play about once a week, rotating GM duties.  Other games pop up here and there at various times, and these "other" games tend to work pretty well.  It's the default, weekly games that we've had problems with lately.  Not sure what it is, but it feels like we've just been going through the motions of the game, instead of actually getting down and dirty in them.  I've always thought that it was the obligation element of the game--we play every Thursday, no matter what; the game is secondary to the schedule.  Like, not, I'm starting a game and it will be on Thursday nights, but, "who's going to run for the Thursday night game?"  On the other hand, it could just be that we have had some really bad games on Thursdays, and that's why no one really cared.

Anyway, in my pride and arrogance, I've decided that I can make the Thursday night game "work."  So, here am I, trying to work a game out.

First things first, this will be a stripped down setting.  None of the official covenants will be in my city (though my own inspired-by versions will be).  The clans are gone.  I want to focus on bloodlines and family and what not, so all the PC's will be of the same brood.  I will need to tweak the rules a tad to make this work, but I think it fits betters than clans do.  I'm going to call the city New Castle, mainly because I'm stealing a lot from the real world city of Wilmington, DE, though I will be enlarging it and twisting it to suit my own purposes.  I won't tell the players what state it's in, just "an East Coast" city--sort of like Gotham in Batman--it's not really on a map or anything.  Also, I am heavily influenced by Ray Winninger's excellent "Dungeoncraft" articles from the old Dragon Magazine from many years ago.  So, I will be striving to follow his rules as much as possible.

The first two being

Rule #1 Never force yourself to create more than you must

Rule #2 Whenever you design a major piece of the campaign world, always devise at least one secret related to that piece.

So, that's where I stand.  Here's where I am so far:

Basic Idea for the City—large industrial wasteland.  Dozens of subdivided territories, each squabbling with each other.  Vampires are organized not by clans, but by families, bloodlines, broods, and coteries.  There are a number of covenants, but none of them dominate, nor are they all the “standard” ones.  Many of the major bloodlines refer to themselves as clans or families, often taking their progenitors name as their own.  Most of the more minor ones take either the possessive name of their progenitor (Michaels’ Brood or James’ Crew) or are named after their territory (8th Street Brood).  The City itself has had a violent history, going through numerous Princes and other rulers over the years. 


Home Base—the players will need to acquire a basic territory in the city.  Something valuable enough to defend, something others will seek to take, but not large or wealthy enough to thrust them into the “high levels” of vampiric politicking.  This home base should provide them with blood (hunting and/or herd), havens (communal or individual), money (legal and illegal), access to lower level city bureaucrats and politicians.  Also, something unique and distinctive that makes this area memorable and different from other areas of the city.

Places I want in the city--this list will, undoubtably grow 

Fountain Square—Symbolic center of the city.  Surround by a number of hotels and high end shopping, it is used for lunch-breaks, rallies, and other gatherings.  The “heart” of downtown.—From Cincinnati

Underground Tunnels—In addition to a small subway system (a large part of which is Elevated), there are numerous other tunnels as well.  One is a tunnel system similar to the Cincinnati Tunnel—the initial parts of which were constructed in the early part of this century as a subway that ended up failing due to lack of funds.  The other is a series of freight tunnels similar to Chicago.
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